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XT Class painting XT Class painting
Sponsorship Comments  

This painting was commissioned by members of the social team of the Submariners Association - Barrow-in-Furness Branch, the funds for the painting were raised by raffles which were conducted at the branches monthly meetings.

At the time the painting was commissioned, December 2003, the social team consisted of John Houlding (Social Secretary), and Jeff Thomas (Assistant Social Secretary) .

This painting is dedicated to all men who trained in "X" and "XT" craft and later served in the 12th and 13th Flotilla's.
Technical Data

Submariners Crest
XT1 to XT6
Builder: Vickers Armstrong Limited
Yard Numbers: 927


Completed: 01.1944 to 03.1944
(in feet & inches) :
Length: 51 ft 4, Breadth: 5 ft 9, Draught:
5 ft 11.
Displacement: Surface: 26.5 tons, Submerged: 29.6 tons.

Surface: 1 x 32hp Gardner diesel engine @ 1,800 rpm. Submerged: 1 x 30hp Keith-Blackman electric motor @ 1,650 rpm.

Speed: Surface: 6 knots, Submerged: 5 knots.
Endurance: Surfaced: 500 nautical miles, Submerged: 80 nautical miles at 4 knots.
Armaments: Nil.
Complement: 3
Historical Data


XT Class

Proposed by Admiral Max Horton, Flag Officer Submarines, as a non-operational type of X-craft to be used for training purposes and to free up submarines employed as anti-submarine (A/S) targets for operational duties, originally to be known as Z-craft, they were subsequently reclassified as XT craft.

XT's were simplified X-craft, without side-cargo release gear, night periscope or automatic pilot. Additionally, the day periscope, projector compass and air-induction were all fixed in the raised position.

XT's were based at Loch Fyne and Campletown in Scotland, and Portsmouth and Harwich in the south of England, where experience gained by Royal Navy anti-submarine units proved invaluable when they had to deal with the threat posed by the midget submarines of the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) in the English Channel following the Normandy Landings.

All XT craft were scrapped by October 1945.
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