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  Brazilian "O" Class
Brazilian "O" Class painting
Sponsorship Comments  

"This ,painting was sponsored by Mr Gordon Howell, previously Production Director of VSEL and Managing Director of Cammel Lairds Shipbuilders,who has fond memories of the build of the Brazilian 'O' class submarines and many other Boats built in Barrow-in-Furness, Newcastle and Birkenhead"
Technical Data

Humaita crest
Yard No: 1087
Pennant Number: S20
Ordered: 22.05.1970
Launched: 15.10.1971
Laid Down: 03.11.1970
Commissoned: June 1973

Tonelero crest
Yard No: 1088
Pennant Number: S21
Ordered: 22.05.1970
Launched: 22.11.1972
Laid Down: 18.11.1971
Commissoned: 08.09.1978

Riachuelo crest
Yard No: 1096
Pennant Number: S22
Ordered: 1972
Launched: 06.09.1975
Commissoned: March 1977
Builder: Vickers ltd. Shipbuilding Group
Dimensions: Length 295.2 feet, Breadth 26.5 feet, Draught 18 feet.
Displacement: Surface 2,030 tons, Submerged 2,410 tons.
Propulsion: 2 x Admiralty Standard Range 16WS - ASR diesels. 3,680bhp 2 electric generators. 2560kw. 2 electric motors. 6000shp. 2 shafts.
Speed: Surface 12 knots, Submerged 17 knots.
Endurance: 9,000 nautical miles at 12 knots surfaced.
Armaments: 8 x 21 inch torpedo Tubes (6 bow.2 stern).
Complement: 6 officers, 64 ratings
Historical Data


Tonelero was seriously damaged by fire whilst fitting out. She was towed to H.M. Dockyard Chatham to have the central 60 feet section of the pressure hull cut out and replaced. All electrical wiring was replaced, as this is where the fire first started. As a consequence, completion of the boat was delayed until 1978, making Tonelero the last "Oberon" to be completed for any Navy.

All three boats were given a mid-life modernisation in 1995 by the company HDW/FERROSTAL.

Hummaita was decommissioned in 1996. Riachuelo was decommissioned in 1997, and is now displayed at the Navy Cultural Centre in Reo de Janeiro.

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