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  HMS/M A1
HMS/M A1 painting
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This painting was commissioned by Lt. Tony (Florrie) Ford R.N.Staff Operations Officer, Captain Faslane Flotilla, HM Naval Base Clyde.
Technical Data

Builder: Vickers Sons and Maxim.
Laid down: 19.02.1902
Launched: 09.07.1902
Yard No : 285
(in feet):
Length 103'3'' Diameter 12'8''
Displacement: Surface 190 tons Submerged 205 tons
Machinery: Surfaced: Single 16 cylinder Wolseley petrol engine driving a single Shaft. 600hp = 11.5 knots. Submerged: Single electric motor. 150hp = 6 knots.
Endurance: 1,000 nautical miles at 7 knots.
Armaments: 1 x 18'' torpedo tube forward (3 torpedoes).
Complement: 2 Officers and 9 ratings
Additional Notes: The first British designed submarine, built to the specifications drawn up by the Submarine Flotilla's Captain Bacon R.N. and Vickers. Many improvements were made over the Electric Boat Company design for Holland 1.Most noticeably, a proper conning tower.
Historical Data


HMS/M A1 became the Royal Navy's first submarine casualty, being rammed whilst on exercise in the Eastern Solent by the mail steamer Berwick Castle. She sank in only 39 feet of water, with the loss of all hands.She was struck on the starboard side, near the conning tower, which led to the fitting of a second watertight hatch at the bottom of conning towers as an additional safety measure.18th March 1904 sunk by the Berwick Castle.April 1904, raised and re-commissioned.Since that Friday in 1904, more than 5,000 Royal Navy submariners have perished.

These were the first;

- Lt. Loftus Mansergh.
- Sub Lt. John Churchill.
- Petty Officers:
- George Baker,
- William Dudgeon,
- Vivian Roberts.
- Chief Engine Room Artificer William Parkinson.
- Engine Room Artificer Clinton Baly.
- Chief Stoker Albert Fleming.
- Stoker Albert Ellis.
- Able Seamen:
- Charles King,
- Peter Wallace.
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